Line Services

Lavatory and Potable Water

Executive Aviation Malta provides a full range of Lavatory and water services via selected contracted supplier. The filling of drinking water tanks is carried out by specialized vehicle tankers. The emptying, washing, and refilling of bathroom tanks for all types of business jets is carried out using special sanitation equipment. Services are performed under the supervision of our personnel and aircraft crew

Aircraft Cleaning

Interior cleaning – Soft Clean 

This service is provided via approved and trained cleaning services providers who are also approved by the airport operator and airport security and pass all safety criteria. This type of clean is generally a quick fix and topical more than detailed. It involves quick fixes and touch ups such as carpet vacuum cleaning, quick-turn cleaning and wiping of areas where dust or food stains are evident. Such a clean is usually available at short notice and something our team usually coordinates efficiently in order to have your private jet look attired when receiving VIP passengers.

Deep Clean

At Executive Aviation Malta, we work with specifically trained companies providing explicit aircraft interior cleaning including carpet/upholstery and cockpit detailing. Depending on the specific need of our client, a deep clean may also include carpet extraction, leather cleaning and conditioning on the spot. Due to the nature of the service, this type of clean will normally require to be booked beforehand. The duration of the job depends on the size and condition of the aircraft’s interior. Contact us for more info

Exterior cleaning

Depending on the size of aircraft and the extensivity of the work required we provide this service in-house or engage the assistance of trained and approved third parties service providers. This type of clean needs to be booked with us in advance. Contact us for more info

Aircraft Disinfection

This service is provided by means of professional and specialized product called VirusJet. Executive Aviation Malta through its sister company/brand LUXPRO Jets is proud to be Malta’s exclusive VirusJet service provider within Malta International Airport. See this link for more details:

Dishwashing and Laundry

The FBO team at Executive Aviation Malta will handle your aircraft dinner/table ware and glassware and general crockery with care and thoroughly wash and clean items by hand. We take extra care to your precious dinner sets and will do our very utmost to return on board in their original and pristine state

Garbage Clearance

Any garbage collected onboard during the incoming movement to Malta may be handed over to us after landing so we can dispose of at specifically designated bring in areas within airport perimeter. We care about the environment and we do all possible to separate whatever can be separated and recycled

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