Line Maintenance

Basic Aircraft Maintenance

Being Malta’s only dedicated business aircraft handler with full fucus on FBO services, at Executive Aviation Malta we liaise with only the best and most established local MROs. Our facility is located adjacent to Malta’s only dedicated business jet maintenance facility. We regularly work closely with this MRO facility in order to provide our clients with seamless services and continuous operational support.

Towing & Pushback Services

Efficient turnaround and business jet handling services in Malta depend a lot on the effort the FBO exerts when coming to secure ideal parking stands on often congested aprons. Our good relations with all local stake holders ensures that we seldom fail to arrange self-manoeuvring parking stands even during peak periods. At times however, this can turn out to be extremely challenging and there are times when our only option would be to find parking solutions on private aprons or stands requiring pushback. When this happens, thanks to our contracted partners, we manage to arrange efficient towing/push back services to ensure on time departure for our customers


No local FBO facility on Malta International Airport grounds owns or provides its own hangar facility. Malta enjoys Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers reaching up to an average of 32 degrees Celsius and mild and wet winters with temperatures dropping to an average of 15 degrees Celsius. Malta occasionally experiences out of the ordinary weather with thunderstorms and hail storms sometimes forming. The last recorded snow on the island was in 1962. This renders the need and demand to hangar an aircraft minimal. Nevertheless, whenever a private jet owner wishes to park his aircraft indoors during adverse weather conditions in order to have supplementary peace of mind, we often manage to coordinate such via third party MRO service provider available in close proximity to our own facility

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