Last modified on 20th September 2021

Q. What advantages has Executive Aviation Malta to offer when compared to other Private Jet handlers at location ?

A. Executive Aviation Malta is the only fully dedicated business/private jet handler in Malta. Our competition in our field also operate and sell passenger seats on their own fleet of aircraft. We focus on providing an independent, discreet service to any operator’s client (the VIP passenger) and crew. When it comes to charter sales, we do not compete with any of our own clients and we do not promote our brand with your VIP passengers, on the other hand, we promote our various operators’ empty legs and services on our portals and media when asked to. With an in-house fleet of executive BMW/Mercedes and Range Rover vehicles, we are also an operator’s best choice when it comes to VIP ramp transfers. Being the preferred choice to the world’s biggest and most renowned private jet operators comes as no surprise also for the above mentioned reasons.

Q. What are the best FBO facilities available in Malta?

A. At our location, no private jet handler has its own/in-house facilities with own CIQ. The current options available for customers are to either use the main terminal (regularly used by any commercial airline passenger) or, the VIP terminal, a dedicated terminal for VIPs, high net-worth clients, celebrities and diplomats. As your handler, we have direct and smooth communication lines with the VIP terminal and we ensure that your VIP passenger experience is seamless. Click below for more information about the VIP Terminal:

Q. What are your operating hours?

A. The aerodrome/airfield we operate within (LMML) and our operations are 24/7.

Q. What are the current travel restrictions with regards to COVID-19 ?

A. Please refer to this link for all restrictions related to COVID-19:

Q. What are the current Crew & Passenger immigration restrictions for entering Malta – LMML

A. Please refer to this link with regards to Visa requirements when travelling to Malta as a passenger: Visa Requirements. With regards to crew, if aircraft crew arrive and depart on same private/business jet, a visa will not be required irrelevant of nationality provided they present themselves at immigration in full uniform, with a valid crew ID and provided that their stay does not exceed 24 hours. If arriving or departing on commercial airline as passenger, the above will not apply. In such case, it is a must for any crew nationality requiring an entry visa to obtain such visa prior travelling to Malta

Q. What are your limitations with regards to GSE and aircraft size?

A. We are equipped with in-house GSE required to handle small, medium to large private jets. We also work closely with main commercial airline handlers when it comes to heavier jets and have access to any additional third party GSE when required which practically lifts our level of capability to handle any aircraft type locally.
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